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Welcome to the unofficial fansite championing the South Korean Film "King and the Clown" (Wang-ui Namja). Produced and directed by Lee Joon-ik, this movie was adapted from the award winning Korean play titled "Yi" ("You")  and inspired by Shakespearean plays.

Set in feudal Korea, and centering on the themes of the misery of power, the happiness that can accompany powerlessness, and the ultimate power of humor and innocence, the "King and the Clown" transcends borders.  This universal morality tale webs a complex relationship between a king, his court and a clown troupe. It evokes comparisons with King Lear, as the supposedly foolish speaks truth to power and reveals the complexities of the king's character (including what appears to be a seriously unresolved Oedipal complex a la Hamlet). Rashomon-like, mixing tragedy, comedy and drama, the movie presents multiple perspectives, and every viewing is a new experience.

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04-Aug-08 New reviews and comments added at On-line Reviews and Collections.
26-Feb-08 "King and the Clown" Limited Theatrical Release in France on 23rd January, 2008! MORE Reviews & comments added at On-line Reviews and Collections.
29-Dec-07 It's the second anniversary for "King and the Clown" today! Congratulation and well-wishes and a Hearty New Year 2008 to everyone who loved the movie. May good health, happiness and all the best of things be with you.
23-Sept-07 Well, folks...we have just hit our 20,000 mark!!! Congratulation to our little fansite but more importantly thanks to friends and visitors for helping us to achieve this milestone.
02-Apr-07 Congratulation to "King and the Clown" for winning the Grand Prix Jury Award at the 9th Festival Du Film Asiatique De Deauville (France) 2007!
21-Nov-06  Congratulation to "King and the Clown" for winning the Best Feature Film and Best Screenplay at this year's Cape Town World Cinema Festival (CTWCF) Competition!


"Equal parts ribald comedy, historical epic and melodramatic love story, Lee Jun-ik's movie is popular filmmaking at its finest: ambitious, entertaining and thoughtful."

-- Jonathan L. Knapp (23th SFIAAFF 2007)

"This story about 16th century actors in the Korean Court completely transported us as it bought old theatre forms alive. The Shakespearian dynamic, the unpredictable narrative and the emotional journey of the characters all work together to create a richly textured film."

-- Jury (CTWCF) (The 5th Cape Town World Cinema Festival 2006)

"An off-the-scale hit in Korea...this vivid historical drama pushes some very unexpected buttons...Lee Jun-ik (hitherto better known as a producer) gets spirited performances from his cast and stages and cuts with great brio. In many ways, the film that Farewell, My Concubine wanted to be."

-- Tony Rayns (50th London Film Fest. 2006)

"This has been referred to as the Korean Brokeback Mountain already and probably will be many times yet, but that is in fact a terrible disservice, as it's actually a far more subtle, deeper film than that...the film is shot and staged utterly beautifully, in particular the captivating scenes of Jang-seng and Gong-gil's performances..."

-- Matthew (TIFF 2006 Discovery Preview)

The "King and the Clown" (or Wang-ui namja) is a very unique kind of film. It is multi-faceted and presents different themes to difference people. Not only that, it offers a different experience every time you watch it."

-- Nslan (Oct. 22, 2006)

"a very solidly good story about class conflict and different worlds colliding...Now my only wish would be for a big screen showing somewhere in the States..."

-- Lady Wakasa (August 03, 2006)

"The King and the Clown" is perhaps going to be looked back in twenty years and be honored for its groundbreaking artistry...It truly represents the Golden Age of film to the likes of what Kurosawa and Mizoguchi meant for Japanese and world of cinema. "

-- Julia Chua@IMDB (Oct. 12, 2006)

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