KatC Unofficial Fansite's
NYKFF Raffle!!!

To take part in the Raffle, please follow the instructions below very carefully!
You will be required to print out a voucher and bring it to the NYKFF showing you are attending.
3 prizes will be awarded at the start of each showing at the NYKFF.

The KatC Unofficial Fansite will be hosting raffles during the showings of King and the Clown at the NY Korean Film Festival 2007! Come on out, and enter to win a prize!

Running from August 21st to September 2nd, the New York Korean Film Festival (NYKFF) is the premiere venue for Korean cinema in the United States, and the event through which dozens of Korean blockbusters have made their North American premieres. Organized by The Korea Society, this year's Festival is proudly sponsored by Helio and the Korean Film Council.

This year's festival includes an opening night party, Korean Horror Day (sponsored by Tartan Asian Extreme), an Im Kwon-Taek retrospective, and a Q&A with Kim Yong-hwa, director of 200 Pound Beauty... not to mention two showings of King and the Clown.

For more information and a schedule, please see the press release or visit the NY Korean Film Festival website at http://www.koreanfilmfestival.org.


King and the Clown will be shown twice as part of the New York Korean Film Festival:

In order to participate:

  1. Register at the KatC Forum (if you haven't already).
  2. Once you've registered, go to KatC Activities and NY Korean Film Festival Raffle Signup. (Link here)
  3. Reply to that signup with the date that you'll be attending.
  4. Within 3 days you will be sent a voucher with your raffle number. You must post to the board before midnight of the day you plan to attend: for example, post by 11:59 pm on August 24 for the August 25th showing.
  5. Print out the voucher, fill it in, and bring it to the performance.
  6. At the door, tear off the bottom and hand it to the person collecting the vouchers.


  1. Three prizes will be awarded per showing; only one prize total will be awarded per entrant.
  2. All prizes will be awarded.
  3. Winners will be posted (by signup name) on the board at the end of the showings.

No personal information will be made publicly available, and no information provided will be rented / sold to any third parties.

If you have any questions, contact us at phpbboard_admin@wang-ui-namja.com.




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