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The story starts off with a background introduction of the tyrant King Yeonsan, followed by an eye-catching opening scene with an itinerant entertainment troupe performing dances, songs and acrobatics. The slack-rope walking and jumping may be somewhat painful for the male audience, but nonetheless, a very entertaining act.


As the story develops, we see a free-spirited member of the wretched performing underclass, Jang-saeng (Karm Woo-sung) challenged the caste system with fatal outcome. Together with his younger effete actor friend Gong-gil (Lee Jun-ki), they decided to head to the capital Han-yang to make their fortune. 


Joined by three additional street entertainers, they soon become popular in downtown streets by mocking the solemn King Yeonsan (Jung Jin-young) and his concubine Nok-su (Kang Sung-yeon).  Things get serious as the authority come to know of their skits and they are arrested. By a twist of event, they escape execution and are instead installed as court jesters. Then from there, the movie takes audiences from one unexpected place to the next for a roller coaster ride.







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