King and the Clown (OST)
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OST (Original Sound Track)


(Title in English)

01. Veiled / Vocal : Jang Jae-hyeong (The theme of Jang-saeng)
02. Prologue - A long way
03. A bride's mask

04. Of no return
05. Are you there? I'm here.
06. Into the world
07. A dangerous suggestion I

08. Happy minstrels

09. Am I a king or not?
10. A dangerous suggestion II
11. Dreamful minstrels

12. Attendance at night

13. The puppet play
14. Love

15. The shadow play - A phoenix doesn't cry.
      (* A phoenix symbolizes Korean kings)
16. A cry of the blood-smeared fabric

      (* King Yeonsan's mother left her mother the blood-smeared fabric when she was killed)
17. A minstrel hunting

18. The death of a minstrel

19. Shoot me

20. Jealousy

21. Jang-saeng's wrath
22. I wrote it
23. Entreaty

24. Jang-saeng's shouting
25. Jang-saeng the blind

26. Into the womb

27. The sound of the rebel's drum
28. An abyss

29. Epilogue - The return way

30. An abyss: Guitar Version



(Title in Chinese)


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