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[Review in Chinese]

* 如果有来生 - 《王的男人》观感 (O) [AL] added January-29, 2008

* 《王的男人》和《霸王别姬》(O) [AL] added January-29, 2008

* 王的男人,屈原有多美?(O) [AL] added January-29, 2008

*【废文】罗带同心结未成 (O) [AL] added Sept-11,2007

* 政治掌中的文化,权力胯下的艺术 - 从《王的男人》说起 (O) [AL] added Aug-19, 2007

* 来自深渊的呼唤 (O) [AL] added Aug-09, 2007

痛也不会说出口的人 - 也写长生与小吉 (O) [AL] added Aug-04, 2007

小吉的笑与泪 (O) [AL] added Aug-04, 2007

* 王的男人 - 观後闲聊 (O) [AL] added July-24, 2007

* "凭他颠倒事,直付等闲看" (O) [AL] added July-17, 2007

* 《或许长生真正想做的就是......》 [AL]

红颜空洒泪,长歌悲燕啼 - 《王的男人》评论 (O) [AL]

赞王男四大看点(O) [AL]

王的男人评论(O)  [AL]

《王的男人》观影散记 (O) [AL]

王的男人人物系列评论 (O) [AL; AL1, AL2, AL3, AL4]

王的男人 - 无理而有情 (O) [AL]
孔吉 - 开在尘埃里的花 (O) [AL]

* 我看见天空很蓝,像你在我身边的温暖 - 浅析韩国电影《王的男人》(O) [AL]

观《王的男人》(O) [AL]

雾里看花 - 浅谈<王的男人>的朦胧美 (O) [AL]

一个男人能有多么美 (O) [AL]

《王的男人》- 戏剧的人生,超越世俗的爱情 (O) [AL]

全方位解读孔吉的美貌 (O) [AL]

回味"孔吉" (O) [AL]

王的男人 - 论孔吉(O) [AL]

别人写的师兄感受...偶好感动!! [AL]

《王的男人》— 悲伤恋歌 (O) [AL]

美,是否可以承受 - 观《王的男人》(O) [AL]

世间花叶不相伦 - 观《王的男人》(O) [AL]

凋零的花瓣 -《王的男人》孔吉一角之性格分析评论 (O) [AL]

十个孔吉之最 (O) [AL]

王的男人 - 同性的真情与宿命的悲哀 (O) [AL]

善与美的化身 - 探讨孔吉令人着迷之处 (O) [AL]

看着他,破茧成蝶!《王的男人》观后 (O) [AL]

多少事,欲诉还休——评"长生为孔吉盖被"的片段 [AL]

* 《王的男人》:宫廷里最后一支华丽挽歌 (O) [AL]

东方式断背 - 王的男人 (O) [AL]

看过《王男》三遍后的一些感想 (O) [AL]

* 王的男人的心谁偷走了 (O) [AL; AL1]

《王的男人》一部微妙的情感片(O)  [AL; AL1]

《王的男人》何以称王 (O) [AL; AL1]

《王的男人》让心悸动!(O) [AL]

一片伤心欲画难 - 关于《王的男人》(O) [AL ; AL1]

*《王的男人》- 关键词 (O) [AL]

王的男人 - "死亡"贯穿始末 (O) [AL]

人性的半空 [王的男人 - 影评]  (O) [AL]

《王的男人》- 都是懦弱者的男人 (O) [AL]

无辜的自由~~王的男人 (O) [AL]

《王的男人》- 深度解析 (政治,藝術角度) (O) [AL]

《死亡与微 天下无》(O) [AL ; AL1]

《王的男人》- 俯的和仰的观淫方式 (O) [AL]

华丽的假面哀伤 -《王的男人》(O) [AL]

《王的男人》不鸣则已,一鸣惊人 (O) [AL1]

* 《王的男人》- 用纯洁的眼睛看肮脏的世界 (O)

《王的男人》- 我在这裏!你在那裏!(O) [AL ; AL1]

* 女人看情感之- 留给〈王的男人〉的三滴眼泪 (O) [AL]

*《王的男人》- 我为啥给五颗星?! (O) [AL]

無言花(王的男人觀後感)(O) [AL]

* 假面的悲哀 - 《王的男人》 [AL]

*《王的男人》- 独具风韵,无关爱情 (O) [AL]

*《王的男人》- 小丑的悲剧 (O) [AL ; AL1]

*小丑、国王、自由 : 浅析韩国影片《王的男人》的内容魅力 (O) [AL]

【王的男人】种种出采的镜头+细节与感想 (Recompiled loosely from baidu.com)


开在尘埃里的花-观<王的男人>  (O)

郁闷的王与快乐的吉卜赛人 (O)

男人之间会有怎样的情谊 - 评《王的男人》(O)

王的男人影评 - 回来的路 (O)

王的男人 - 塗翔文影评 (O)

《王的男人》观后感 - 似同非同 (O)

《王的男人》- 父亲的阴影,抑或爱的蝴蝶 (O)

王的男人 - 几多长恨叹风流 (O)

《往事与今朝》- 记《王的男人》与《霸王别姬》观后全面解读 (O)

把精彩凝聚一刻 - 细数<王的男人>的八个经典片段 (O)


[Review in English]
The Land of Pineapples : King and the Clown (added Aug-04, 2008)
The King and the Clown - Review @ The Elephant Digest [AL] - "...teeming with material to delightfully gender-read...This film is actually a man’s world, not flatly, but multi-layeredly. In this world, men are weak, fearsome, degraded and oppressed...No scene is overly stretched, no dialogue is unnecessarily extended, no melodrama is placed on the oven too long. The result is suave subtlety, satisfying mystery – what’s said is exquisite, what’s not said is all the more heart-wrenching...This is a great film rich with history, politics, social phenomena, human love all wrapped in delicious cinematography and bohemian-spirited stories of “creatures of the underworld” in the unabashed tradition of Moulin Rouge." (added Feb-11, 2008)
Short-reviews by Blogger Steven HK Ma (Australia) [AL] - "Wang-eui Nam-ja is a heart-rending tragedy in the finest Shakespearean tradition, updated for modern sensibilities and set in Korea's most popularised period, the turbulent Chosun Dynasty, during the reign of King Yeonsangun of Joseon." (added Feb-11, 2008)
"King and the Clown" Review [AL] - "A good movie will always make you ponder what will happen next. A better movie will not only make you contemplate about the idealism the film portrays but be moved by it as to how it depicts reality...There is always a reflection on our aspects in life, like love, friendship, society and in ourselves. This film is truly remarkable is its color, lines, acting and screenplay." (added Nov-02, 2007)
A Clown With Heart - Review on "King and the Clown" [AL] - "Director Lee Jun Ik's  film as a whole, is quite polished. Costume and production design are sumptuous and the acting exceptional. The jesters' rountines are often hilarious and lewd, serving as a strong counterpoint to the complexity and seriousness of the emotional issues. Though a historical piece, the relevancy of the drama remains exceptionally contemporary...The one minor fault, I felt, was that the cinematography did not always do full justice to the production and costume design...This never interfered, however, with my thorough enjoyment of the film." (added Aug-18, 2007)
You've Come A Long Way, Baby (King and the Clown at AAIFF)
[AL] (added July-28, 2007)
Fangoria Review - Fearful Feature (Part 3 - Fantasia 2007 Report)
[AL] - "THE KING AND THE CLOWN...shrewdly blend crowd-pleasing humor and pathos with gentle social commentary in their story...even as it works as entertainment, THE KING AND THE CLOWN is just as successful as a celebration of the performing spirit, and the ability to express through humor what might otherwise go unsaid. It also addresses the importance of satirists and parodists to counterbalance the status quo, and (not surprisingly) sticks up for them." (added July-28, 2007)
*Deni Stoner Film Review - King and the Clown @Heroic Cinema [AL] - "With a great deal of reference to the political machinations of the noble classes, to madness and to the idea that both circumstance and fate conspire hand in hand, The King and the Clown reads a lot like a Shakespearean tragedy...parallels to Shakespeare's Hamlet can be most strongly drawn but The King and the Clown clearly stands on the merits of its own tragic trajectory."
Jhu's Review - The King and the Clown [AL]
David@warchild13.com Film
[AL] - "The film is a near masterpiece. The "near" qualifier...takes time and distance to ensure any piece of work is a masterpiece...What is important is how the movie creates a world. The screen isn't just a Brechtian window for observing this world, its a door for us to enter...it answers about love, community and seeing ourselves in others. The power of seeing another's soul and in their soul seeing us." Additional Extract - "A Korean film that is highly astonishing, funny, brutal and ribaldry real...The ancient characters seem real, concise and cogent. It becomes a great story that anyone can identify with...And it rolls on gathering constant momentum until it explodes in beauty and catharsis. I believe its the best film of the year and at least one the top 25 films ever made. It is art and it is entertaining. We forget that they are supposed to be the same thing."
Yyennie Film Review - The king and the clown (2005) [AL] - "The King and the Clown...though not without its problems, is a highly competitive one...it is brilliant and has soared beyond the expectations of many who are cynical of period movies with low budgets, especially one with such a big story to tell."

Filmbrain's review : Tears of a Clown [AL] - "...a brilliant piece of entertainment... though it's deeply rooted in Korean history and culture, there is a remarkable sense of universal appeal...If you've never seen a contemporary Korean film, King and the Clown is a perfect place to begin."

* Lunapark6 Film Review [AL] - "...a great time period piece that is as entertaining as it is thought provoking.''

Tim Chu Ma (Hong Kong) Film Review [AL] - "A powerhouse historical epic, political comment and love story."

* Lady Wakasa Film Review [AL] - "a very solidly good story about class conflict and different worlds colliding..."

Stefan S - A Nutshell Film Review  [AL] - "All in all, King and the Clown is a story of friendship, how good friends fend for each other, how, despite shortcomings and misunderstandings, the best medicine is always laughter, and it's the strength of the bonds between men that can ultimately stand up against fear and overcome any adversary. "

Nicholas Sim (S'pore) Film Review [AL] - "Despite a relatively modest production budget, King And The Clown boasts lavish sets that evoke a sense of grandeur and other-worldliness..."

BigGuy Film Review [AL] - "...Director Lee Joon-ik's...has managed to create 3 likeable characters that represented what it's like to lose everything, live life precariously high up on a tightrope and yet have that top of the world feeling."


[Review in French]

Review Summary @ cinemovies : Le Roi et Le Clown(O) [AL] (added Feb-08, 2008)

Review Summary @ allocine : Le Roi et Le Clown(O) [AL] (added Feb-08, 2008)

Review Summary @ premiere : Le Roi et Le Clown (O) [AL] (added Feb-08, 2008)

Review @ lycos : Le Roi et Le Clown (O) [AL] (added Feb-08, 2008)

Critique @ aliceadsl.fr : QUATUOR INFERNAL(Jean-Christophe Derrien) (O) [AL] - "Véritable phénomène en Corée, LE ROI ET LE CLOWN risque de passer inaperçu en France en ce mois de janvier. Ce serait dommage, tant ce film à costumes est à la fois divertissant et profond. En adaptant une pièce de théâtre à succès, Lee jun-Ik nous montre un quatuor à la fois amoureux et destructeur, centré sur le personnage du roi, même s’il n’est pas –et c’est là le paradoxe - le personnage principal de l’histoire : toutes les décisions futures passeront par son désir ou son absence de désir. Jang-Seng et Gong-Gil tentent de survivre, Nok-Soo la concubine essaye de ne pas perdre la face. Comme dans beaucoup de films coréens, les rapports sont souvent cruels, la torture mentale et parfois physique est courante. Mais heureusement, chacun des personnages, même le roi, a ses raisons d’agir ainsi. Rien n’est vraiment gratuit. Les acteurs sont particulièrement convaincants. On peut parfois penser à la vision à ADIEU MA CONCUBINE ou encore M BUTTERFLY, mais LE ROI ET LE CLOWN soutient facilement la comparaison avec ses aînés." [AL] (added Feb-08, 2008)

Critique @ evene.fr : Le Roi et Le clown(O)  [AL] - "Convoquant toutes les tonalités possibles, osant même le mélodrame, ce film part dans toutes les directions avec l'humour pour fil conducteur. La mise en abyme du jeu de rôles auquel se livrent les acteurs ouvre des pistes de réflexion sur une société saturée de codes que seul l’humour peut transgresser. L’incommunicabilité des êtres surgit dans ce contexte barbare où l’intégrité artistique devient forcément difficile. Mises à mort spectaculaires et arbitraires, amitié ambiguë et aveugle, servitude volontaire, les personnages de cette fresque peignent autant l’histoire d’un pays que le monde contemporain. “Le Roi et le clown” vaut autant pour ses chorégraphies acrobatiques que pour le jeu subtil des acteurs, auxquels le réalisateur laisse toute la place pour se déployer, ou l’intelligence d’un propos pacifiste et sacrificiel, forcément grandiloquent. Lorsque le sens du grandiose devient une ouverture culturelle fascinante, oscillant constamment entre violence et poésie. Verdict : 4 out of 5 star." (added Feb-08, 2008)

Pierre and Hyewon (Blog) Film Review : Le Roi et Le Clown (O) [AL] (added Feb-08, 2008)

* Bernard Alapetite (Blog) Film Review : Le Roi et Le Clown (O) [AL] (added Feb-08, 2008)

* iletaitunefoislecinema.com : Le Roil et Le Clown (King and the Clown) (O) [AL]"est un pur délice qui mérite d’être découvert (a pure delight which deserves to be discovered)...Le film est émouvant, ambitieux sans être prétentieux (The film is moving, ambitious without being pretentious). Verdict : 3/4" (added Feb-08, 2008)

Reader review @ cinefil.com : Le Roi et Le Clown (O) [AL] - "...beautiful film...universal subject..." (added Feb-08, 2008)

Studiomagazine.fr : Le Roi et Le Clown (O) [AL]  - "Le Coréen Lee Jun-ik (Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield) réussit un magnifique film d'époque qui pose des questions bien contemporaines (a splendid film of time which raises quite contemporary questions). En opposant à la volonté d'un tyran, deux hommes, l'un qui fuit son destin, l'autre qui s'y contraint, le réalisateur livre une très belle fable sur la liberté (...a very beautiful fable on freedom). À la fois drame intimiste où se noue une histoire d'amour et recréation pleine de magnificence des conditions de vie à la cour, Le roi et le clown aurait pu être écrit par William Shakespeare ! Une tragi-comédie à découvrir." (added Feb-08, 2008)

Le Figaro.fr : Une fable sur le théâtre du pouvoir politique (O)  [AL] - "English Translation - A fable on the theatre of the political power" (added Feb-08, 2008)

Laurence Berger (Commeaucinema) – "A beautiful Korean fable" (O) [AL] - "English Translation - readily captivate by the spectacle, the narration grandiloquente and the hustle of the actors." (added Feb-08, 2008)

Ecrannoir : The King and the Clown (Wang-ui-namja) (O) [AL] (added Feb-08, 2008)

* filmsactu.com : Le Roi et le Clown (O) [AL] - "English Translation - Lee Jun-Ik delivers a film remarkably written, a satirical very moving and original drama in its matter. The King and the Clown also shine by his interpretation at the top, between Jung Jin-Young époustouflant in the role of the despot and Lee Joon-Ki attractive as a clown with the beauty androgyne. If there were only one Korean film to see at this beginning of year 2008, it would be that one. Verdict : 17/20"  (added Feb-04, 2008)

agoravox.fr : Le roi et le clown de Lee Jun-ik (O) [AL] (added Feb-04, 2008)
Florent Boucheron (cinema-france.com) - Critique : Le Roi et le clown (O) [AL] - "Bon scénario, bonne mise en scène, bons acteurs, le tout dans une ambiance folklorique largement dépaysante : finis la grisaille et les pots d'échappements ! A savourer avec un délicieux Kimchi." (added Feb-04, 2008)

* Jean-Francois Rauger (LeMonde) - "Le Roi et le Clown" : satire et pouvoir politique en Coree (O) [AL] - "Le film de Lee Jun-ik convainc par sa manière de manipuler différents niveaux d'expression, différents degrés de récit, des intrigues et complots décrits jusqu'aux saynètes bouffonnes jouées par les protagonistes. Grâce à ce dosage savant de mélodrame et de distanciation, Le Roi et le Clown fait figure d'étonnante réussite.  English Translation - The film of Lee Jun-ik convinces by its manner of handling various levels of expression, various degrees of account, the intrigues and plots described and played by the protagonists. Thanks to this erudite proportioning of melodrama and distance, the King and the Clown have the appearance of an astonishing success." (added Feb-04, 2008)
* Emmanuel Hecht (Les Echos) - Roi fou et fous du roi (O) [AL] - "Superbe...De la bouffonnerie à la tragédie, du carnaval à Shakespeare."  (added Feb-04, 2008)

A. Barguillet (Blog) Film Review : King and the Clown de Lee Jun-ik (O) [AL]


[Review in German]

'King and the Clown' Review (O) [AL] added Sept-02, 2007


[Review in Japanese]

Not yet available...


[Review in Korean]

Not yet available...


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