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King and the Clown - The
DVD Limited Edition


Released by Art Service on June 23, 2006
3-Disc + OST
(English, Korean Subs)

1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Dts, Dolby Digital 5.1
NTSC Region 3 - DVD9
120 (128 International Version) Minutes - Color


The translation on the various commentaries and extras herein has been built-up with the generous help of our volunteers and contributors. Therefore, we request that the translation copyright of these materials be duly respected. Please note and credit our fansite (wang-ui-namja.com) and its volunteers as the source for any reproduction of the details and information herein.


Review on "King&Clown" DVD Limited Edition from Twitchfilm

Explanation and description on the various Korean commentaries, deleted scenes, and other features, etc by X ... interesting and informative!!! [Click here]



Navigation Menu for Limited Edition DVDs

Disc 1

Main Menu

Watch Film        Settings        Select Scenes

Settings Menu


  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • DTS
  • Commentary with Lee Joon-ik (director), Jung Jin-wan (producer), Ahn Tae-jin (assistant director), Jang Won-seok (production manager)
  • Commentary with Karm Woo-sung, Jung Jin-young, Kang Sung-yeon, Lee Jun-ki, Yoo Hae-jin, Jung Seok-yong, Lee Seung-hoon [Translation Now Available!!!]

Back to Film                       Subtitles              Previous

Subtitles Menu


  • Korean
  • English
  • No Subtitle

Back to the Film               Sound                   Previous

Select Scenes Menu

  1. Minstrels
  2. The Road of Departure
  3. Seoul
  4. The First Show
  5. Dangerous Proposal
  6. Court Jester
  7. Am I really the King!
  8. The Dreaming Clown
  9. Let's Play...
  10. Cheo-seon
  11. My Son!
  12. Clown Hunt
  13. Jealousy
  14. On the Rope
  15. You...
  16. The Way Back


Disc 2

Main Menu

Watch Film        Settings        Select Scenes

Settings Menu


  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • DTS
  • Dolby Digital 2.0


  • Korean
  • English
  • No Subtitle

Back to Film                       Previous


Disc 3

Main Menu
                (from the right)

  • Act One
  • Act Two
  • Act Three

Act One Menu

  • Joseon, a Minstrel and the King  (making of the film)
  • The Palace, Inside and Out  (Art, Costume)
  • Yeon-san's People  (Interview with the lead actors)
  • Seoul Clowns  (Interview with the supporting actors)
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Strings and Percussion  (Interview with the music director)
  • The Way Out  (Behind scenes)

Act Two               Act Three

Act Two Menu

  • Anseong Namsadang Baudeoki  (Baudeogi Performance)
  • Noreumachi  (Pung-mul: Korean traditional percussion music)
  • Play within a Play (Clown Act)
  • "Yi", <King and the Clown>, and Beyond  (original play and the author)
  • Yeonsan's Defense  (interpretation of who Yeonsan was)
  • Behind the Conviviality (practicing the clown act)

Act One                Act Three

Act Three Menu

  • Poster Photoshoot
  • Production Briefing
  • Movie Preview Scene
  • Music Video
  • TV Spot
  • Trailer
  • Stills Gallery

Act One                Act Two


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